A Message from our Executive Director

Our Executive Director’s Nancy Needham’s 35 Year Speech  
2019 SLNRC Annual General Meeting

Hello everyone I am not sure if you’re aware but this is my 35th year of working for the South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre and supporting the residence of South London.  A lot has happened in 35 years.   My hair has been, blonde, black, red, orange, brown and caramel.   And the community we support has gone from White Oaks to it feels like one third of the city. 

One thing that has stayed the same over the years is my absolute thrill to have met so many people that are passionately committed to volunteering in their community so that all children, youth, adults, seniors and families are treated equally and are provided with the nutritional, emotional and educational support to thrive. 

For all of you in the room who volunteer your time, commit your business resources, join your service clubs and donate your personal funds.  Please know that your gift of time and resources is absolutely needed to support those who are struggling. It absolutely makes a difference.  The Budweiser centre would fill 7 times with the number of people living under the poverty line.  Many are children and youth. 

To all of you, Thank you. 

To all the staff of the SLNRC, NRAWP and NWLRC. I am proud of every one of you.  Your commitment to a career in the field of social services shows your compassion to others and your commitment to supporting those who just need that friendly understanding voice of assurance and guidance. We do our work everyday because we believe that every person deserves the same possibility to be the light to their own future. 

Neighbourhood Resource Centres are a unique entity.  We have the flexibility to welcome the whole family, we have the network of support to refer and support in-house as well as in the community.  We are the place where others can be proud to know that they as well have made a difference in so many lives.  We collectively support each other just as we ask individuals to work as a team with their neighbours. 

We celebrate with so many volunteers about how great it is to be Canadian on Canada Day, we share a community meal at Thanksgiving, We jump in fear at Halloween Fright Night and we dance at International Women’s Day.  All because hundreds of you volunteer to make those events happen.

We join in fellowship and support at Friday Soup, seniors social, youth programs, early year gatherings  and inter generational computer classes.

We support together, collectively through the emergency food cupboard, we support newcomers through our settlement counselling services and we provide basic needs resource and advocacy through every team member.  We are a community that leaves no one behind.

All of this took years of planning, building and then rebuilding. As I look over the years I think together we have done a fantastic job.

 I look forward to the future and the new friends I will meet as we continue to respond to local need. 

Thank you all, you have been a gift of kindness and support over the years.

Nancy Needham